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Version: 0.9

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Language: English
Score: 7 out of 10
License: Trial
Date of Release: Monday 26th of July 2004
Operating System: Mac OS X

It drags, loose and it copies files and folders surely

To be able to work the calm conscience, knowing full well that everything is out of danger, happens what happens, all our work has been copied to an external unit but, it is so easy to do the one that we repeated, we synchronized time and time again, we loaded the group with the backup that interests to us and, we looked for duplicates, we sailed by previous versions of backup, or recovered the copied files, we eliminated backup, we return to synchronize itů is so easy with the groups of backup of DragnBack that until this normally so tedious process seems to us fun.

DragnBack is a simple one and completes tool for the accomplishment of backups of files and folders, simply with the help of drag and drop. Once the made backup, DragnBack will right away generate a group, species of file of log of the operation, with which we will be able to work next to synchronize the copied folders and files, to recover the copy completely, to look for duplicated files or to browse backups previous. We can locate, open and obtain data on the files copied from the group of backup, thus having to the reach concrete data about the process.

In addition, if the size of the backup is too great and it does not fit in the unit of backup, DragnBack can fragment it automatically to be able thus to keep it in multiple discs; the copied files can be verified, to compare, and to compress at any moment, we even can use encriptation algorithms and simultaneously deal with hundreds files by group.

  • Operating System: Mac OS X
  • Mac OS X 10,1 or superior one

    DragnBackX 0.9

    Developer Website: http://members.aol.com/realip

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