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ATI Retail Updater X

Version: 10/02

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Language: English
Score: 6 out of 10
License: Free
Date of Release: Thursday 31st of October 2002
Operating System: Mac OS X

It improves the performance of your cards ATI in Macintosh

This new revision of the card controllers ATI optimized for Macintosh will allow to remove all the juice you to your Radeon cards, or are PCI or AGP, as much in games as in performance 2D.

In addition to this, it incorporates new features such as it has supported for FSAA (Full Scene Anti Aliasing) to avoid indented edges, rating of the exit of card television Radeon, the possibility of being able to use 2 monitors, or 1 monitor and 1 television at the same time with images different in each one from them and much more…

Between software including is the Apple DVD Player that has been improved, and with which you will be able to see your films in DVD without moverte of your Mac.

Improvements in the new version:
• Cards ATI supported under Mac OS 9.x are the following ones: Radeon 8500 Mac Edition, Radeon 7000 Mac Edition,

  • Operating System: Mac OS X

    ATI Retail Updater X 10/02

    Developer Website: http://www.ati.com/support/products/mac/radeon8500/osx/radeon8500maceditionosxdrivers.html

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