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Version: 9.2.1

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Language: Spanish
Score: 6 out of 10
License: Free
Date of Release: Wednesday 22nd of August 2001
Operating System: Mac OS(68k/PPC)

Update of Mac OS 9,1 or 9,2 to 9.2.1

This update of Apple Mac OS 9,1 and 9,2 to 9.2.1 offers to the user a remarkable improvement in the totality of classic applications, doing of these less methodical and much more functional applications.

Update indispensable for any user of Mac You 9,1 or 9.2.

Mac OS 9,2 supports compatible machines with Mac OS X, therefore this version of Mac OS 9,2 can be installed in nobody of the following machines: Power Mac G4, Power Macintosh G3, PowerBook G4, PowerBook G3 (except the PowerBook original G3), iMac and iBook.

  • Operating System: Mac OS (68k/PPC)

    Apple Mac OS 9.2.1

    Developer Website: http://www.apple.com

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